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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Ans: LolyMart is an online market where sellers advertise their products for buyers to purchase conveniently. Read more

Ans: The seller receives his or her payment only after buyer has received his or her order and is satisfied. This means your money is secured, you can’t be robbed while shopping conveniently from your home or office. LolyMart also helps sellers deliver their products to customers nationwide and internationally through secure means and helps them with tracking problems; which means a seller can relax knowing the products will be received by the buyer.
Ans:Seller registers and advertises his or her product, buyer places an order and pays for it but the money doesn’t get to the seller, seller delivers item to buyer, buyer confirms item received in good condition, seller receives payment for item sold. Buyer rates the store and leaves feedback.
Ans: No! A seller is allowed to buy from another seller using the same account. If register as a buyer, you can only buy from the website. You won’t be able to sell. However, if you wish to sell in the future, you can click on Become Seller at the left side of your dashboard in your account.
Ans: In order to sell on LolyMart, you will have to contact LolyMart customer service using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page. For further information, please click on the “How to sell on LolyMart” link below the page.
Ans: No! Registering to sell on LolyMart is free.
Ans: Every item or property transferable or transportable is allowed for sale on LolyMart.
Ans:Yes. You can edit your listings/adverts anytime you want. They will be live again as soon as they are reviewed and approved.
Ans: Yes. You can deactivate or delete your advert anytime you want.
Ans: You will receive an order email notification.
Ans: You have to inform the buyer the item is no longer available. The buyer will then cancel the order for full refund of his/her money. You have to delete the ad immediately after that.
Ans: Yes! You have to click on “Forgotten password” at the password section for assistance with recovering your password.
Ans:Yes! You can change your email address on file anytime you wish.
Ans: All shops listed on LolyMart are confirmed by LolyMart to be reliable and honest shops so you can buy from any shop within LolyMart. However, pay attention to feedback and store ratings given by other buyers.
Ans: You are advised to read the description of items posted very well and look at all product pictures before buying. You can also send the seller a message directly after you’ve ordered the product.
Ans:It depends on your location and the shipping method you choose. If you are within Ghana, 72hours is usually the delivery time. Products shipped from abroad will be delivered within 60 days.
Ans:: Every delivery method has its own price which takes into consideration distance and weight of the item. If the item doesn’t fall under free delivery, the seller will communicate the delivery fee to you. Terms and conditions of individual shops apply.
Ans: Yes. You can pick up the item from the shop or send somebody to pick it up after you have paid for it. You can also put in any name and delivery address and the item will be delivered securely.
Ans:You can select any of our payment methods when checking out. For more information about Payment Methods click HERE
Ans: You can negotiate with the seller if you are buying in bulk/ wholesale order
Ans: We accept credit cards/debit cards (ATM Cards open for online transactions), mobile money, bank transfers, and payment on delivery for local (Ghana) orders. For more information, please click HERE.
Ans: Your personal information is highly protected according to our privacy policy. We will not sell or give out your personal information to anyone unless required by law in cases of fraud. Your credit/debit cards (ATM Card’s) information is not known to us or stored with us. It is being processed with a different payment processor (Bank).
Ans: Yes! You can purchase an item, and put a different person’s name and delivery address for delivery. You are also allowed to add a note to a purchased order.
Ans:You have to contact the seller by sending a message, and if you’re dissatisfied with the response, you file a complaint on the order for a full refund. Please refer to our Buyer Protection (Refund Policy).  
Ans: the shop is notified immediately, the rest depends on the store but will not take up to 24hours.
Ans: Immediately you receive the product and realise it’s defective or not what you ordered, you don’t have to keep or use the item. You can reject it by not receiving it from the courier, or contact the seller and arrange a return. You will however receive your money back in full if the item is returned.
Ans: You can return item if it’s broken, defective, or does not match the description. Buyer receives full money back when item is returned. However, buyer and seller can agree on partial refund where buyer keeps the item delivered. Please refer to our Buyer Protection (Refund Policy).  
Ans: That depends on the shop. Mostly within 24hours. Buyer receives his or her money back in full. Please refer to our Buyer Protection (Refund Policy).  
Ans: : No; all transactions must be made through to prevent fraud and enjoy buyer & Seller protection.
Ans: : Do not pay any seller through any other means outside If a seller contacts you or tries to receive payment through any other means, please report that seller to LolyMart by sending an email to or create a ticket from your account. That fraudulent seller will be dealt with. 

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