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How To Sell On Lolymart

How To Sell On Lolymart
LolyMart cares about its customers so much and wouldn’t want fraudsters to flood the market with nonexistent shops or products. Therefore, if you want to open your shop on, you need to contact the LolyMart marketing department 0246 556 553 for them to confirm you have a physical place of business; be it shop, production factory, warehouse, or house with goods in it. You can also send an email to with your request and it will be considered.

You will be asked to open your shop on by registering as a seller at the top right corner of the website and wait for admin’s approval. Your shop will be opened after it is approved by the administrator.

After your shop is opened on LolyMart, you will receive a special link to your store eg. which will direct customers right to your online store within You can share this link with your customers to visit and buy directly from you.

You can put in your store description and store picture (Profile picture).

All foreign sellers (sellers outside Ghana) has to put in the first line of description as “Shipping from abroad, China” or any other country the seller is located in. This will help buyers to know the product will be shipped from abroad.

Then you can upload your own products with description. In case you don’t have the expertise to upload your own products after the shop has been opened for you, you can contact us and we will send an agent to your shop to help you upload all your goods online (Ghana shops only). Sellers abroad can use the step by step guidance HERE.

When your shop is opened and you want to upload your products, take note of the following:

  • 1) Clear Pictures

Provide clear pictures to show what exactly you are selling. This prevents dissatisfaction on the side of buyers and also prevents them from returning the product or filling a complaint against your shop.

  • 2) Competitive prices

Buyers are looking for competitive prices, therefore you should give them the best possible price in order for them to buy from your shop.

  • 3) Actual condition of item

You need to state the actual condition of the item. E.g. new, used, refurbished.

  • 4) Vivid description and specification

You need to give a vivid description of the item you are selling including color, size, type, model number, etc. Do not assume the buyer already knows the item, its description, or its specification. Do not attempt to give attractive description just because you think it will attract buyers since they will notice, return the item, file a complaint, or give a negative feedback which will affect your shop.

  • 5) Ad rules

If your product isn’t in Ghana (foreign sellers), make sure you begin the description by stating in capital letters the country you are going to ship from e.g. THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED FROM AMERICA (Ship from Abroad).

Ads that do not comply with the above specifications or try to take customers to a different website will be deleted or not approved.

Note that, reviews will be given by buyers who purchased your products and these reviews will affect your shop positively or negatively depending on how you treat buyers who buy from your shop. Therefore, respond to messages sent by customers on time, address their concerns, and contact them if they give a negative feedback.

Also note that, you will not receive payment for orders not delivered to buyers. LolyMart will step in if a buyer files a complaint against your shop and you are not able to resolve the problem amicably.

To open a shop on and start selling now, please call +233 (0) 246 556 553 or send an email to

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