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Ship From Abroad (Drop Shipping)

Ship From Abroad (Drop Shipping)

Ship From Abroad (Drop Shipping) is a feature within that allows its valued customers to buy products directly from manufacturers and wholesalers around the world and receive the products at their local post office and other pickup centres in Ghana.


  1. Buy products directly from thousands (1,000s) of manufacturers and wholesalers around the world.
  2. Lowest affordable prices guaranteed.
  3. Products will be directly delivered to you in Ghana or through the LolyMart office.
  4. Free delivery to Ghana on all products.
  5. 7 Days free return to LolyMart Office in Ghana if you don’t like the item ordered.
  6. Average 4 weeks arrival time.
  7. Full refund with TEN PERCENT (10%) INTEREST on orders not arrived after sixty (60) days.

How to order:

  1. Login to your account on and search for the product you want.
  2. If it’s written in the description “THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED FROM CHINA (Ship From Abroad)”, it means the product falls under our Drop Shipping Feature.
  3. Place the order on the website and put in your delivery address (P. O. Box number) where the package should be delivered directly.
  4. If you don’t have a P. O. Box number or you don’t have direct access to the box such as school or church box, you can use LolyMart Office P. O. box address below:
LolyMart Limited
P. O. Box SK 1452,
Sakumono, Tema.
Greater Accra

When the item reaches LolyMart, we will call you and arrange how to get it to you safely.

  1. When you place an order under this Feature, you’ll have to pay for it before the seller ships the package.
  2. Your money will be held safely in the LolyMart Escrow Account right here in Ghana until the seller sends the item to you and it arrives here in Ghana, then the seller will be paid.
  3. When you receive the package, you have to log into your account and send a message at the comment section that you have received the product in good condition so that the order can be completed and the seller paid.
  4. After you have sent the message, you can give feedback/review on the product.
  5. If you have any problem with the order in 7 days, you can contact the LolyMart office directly.
  6. If your order does not arrive in 60days, you can contact the LolyMart office and you will receive your full refund with 10% interest on your initial amount. However, if the product has arrived and you haven’t picked it up or it’s awaiting clearance at Ghana Customs, you will not be entitled to refund.
  7. You will also receive full refund for products not as described or defective products so long as you notify LolyMart office immediately, send your complain on the order through the comment section, and return the item to LolyMart office within 7 days from the day you received the item.
  8. If you want any item customized for you or any special instruction concerning your order, you have to contact the Seller through the comment section on the order or contact LolyMart by sending an email to before the item is shipped.
  9. To find some items sold on through this Ship From Abroad (Drop Shipping) feature, just type “ship from abroad” in the search bar on LolyMart and you will see some of them. You can visit this link to buy from one of the shops:

For further information, please call or Whatsapp +233 (0) 246 556 553 or send an email to


LolyMart Ship From Abroad; the world just got closer…

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