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    • Look at all the uploaded pictures of the product before buying.

    • Read the description of the product very well, taking into consideration colour, size, height, weight, and other features depending on the product.

    • Read feedback comments from other buyers concerning the product. If many negative comments are being given about the product or store, analyse the comments before deciding whether to buy the product or not.

    • If you are not satisfied or have any question, contact the seller by sending a message.

  • After selecting the item, put in your correct home address, office or school address, and a valid phone number to make delivery of the items easy.

  • Make secured payment to LolyMart only.

  • When the item is being delivered to you, please inspect the package very well and make sure the product is what you ordered and in good condition before accepting it. Otherwise, reject the product and it will be returned to the shop.

  • If your product is not received within 48 Hours after shipping and your delivery address is within Ghana, please contact LolyMart customer service through or call 00233 (0) 246 556 553, and if it’s not delivered within 72 Hours, you’ll receive your money back in full.

  • After you have received your order in good condition, log in to your LolyMart account and inform us of receipt of the package.

  • Leave feedback for the order and store, this will guide other buyers as to the performance or quality of the item as well as the reputation of the store.


  • Clear Pictures

Provide clear and vivid pictures to show what exactly you are selling and its true state. This prevents dissatisfaction on the side of buyers and also prevents them from returning the product or filling a complaint against your shop.

  • Competitive prices

Buyers are looking for competitive prices, therefore you should give them the best possible price in order for them to buy from your shop.

  • Actual condition of item

You need to state the actual condition of the item. Eg. New, used, refurbished.

  • Vivid description and specification

You need to give a vivid description of the item you are selling including true color, size/dimension, weight, type, model number, functions, etc. Do not assume the buyer already know the item, its description, or it’s specification. Do not attempt to give attractive description just because you think it will attract buyers since they will notice, return the item, file a complaint, or give a negative feedback which will affect your shop.

  • Customer relation

Be friendly in responding to messages from buyers.


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